Jocelyn Wang

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A new synthesis of 3,3'-bioxindoles is reported that is well suited for the preparation of unsymmetrical structures. In the key step, 3-hydroxy-3,3'-bioxindoles are constructed by Mukaiyama aldol reaction of 2-siloxyindoles with isatins. These tertiary carbinols are formed in high diastereoselectivities, with substitution at various positions of the isatin(More)
Mirror mirror on the wall: By taking advantage of the unique structural features of L-DNA, the first examples of left-helical enantioselective induction in the field of DNA-based asymmetric catalysis were realized. Most importantly, this approach is the only one that allows a reliable and predictable access to both enantiomers for any given reaction.
A new strategy for enantioselective synthesis of azacyclic molecules in which dynamic kinetic equilibration of diastereomeric iminium ions precedes a stereochemistry-determining sigmatropic rearrangement is reported. The method is illustrated by the synthesis, in high enantiomeric purity (generally 95-99% ee), of a variety of 1-azabicyclic molecules(More)
A useful enantioselective synthesis of angularly substituted 1-azabicyclic molecules that delivers the bicyclic amine products in good yield and 99% ee is reported. Angularly substituted cis-octahydrocyclopenta[b]pyrroles, cis-octahydroindoles, cis-decahydrocyclohepta[b]pyrroles, and cis-octahydrocyclopenta[b]pyridine are formed in good yields and 99% ee(More)
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