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  • Ivo Petras, Igor Podlubny, Paul O 'leary, Lubomír Dorcák, Blas M Vinagre, B J I M Suárez +29 others
  • 2006
Robust stability test for interval fractional order linear systems ". diffusion-wave constant, fractional order and boundary profile of a time-fractional diffusion wave equation from boundary noisy measurements ". In: Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, A. Fractional order boundary stabilization of a time-fractional wave equation ". In:(More)
Keywords: Fractional integrator Fractional differential equations State space models Lyapunov stability Nonlinear FDEs a b s t r a c t Lyapunov stability of fractional differential equations is addressed in this paper. The key concept is the frequency distributed fractional integrator model, which is the basis for a global state space model of FDEs. Two(More)