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  • Ivo Petras, Igor Podlubny, Paul O 'leary, Lubomír Dorcák, Blas M Vinagre, B J I M Suárez +29 others
  • 2006
Robust stability test for interval fractional order linear systems ". diffusion-wave constant, fractional order and boundary profile of a time-fractional diffusion wave equation from boundary noisy measurements ". In: Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, A. Fractional order boundary stabilization of a time-fractional wave equation ". In:(More)
Keywords: Fractional integrator Fractional differential equations State space models Lyapunov stability Nonlinear FDEs a b s t r a c t Lyapunov stability of fractional differential equations is addressed in this paper. The key concept is the frequency distributed fractional integrator model, which is the basis for a global state space model of FDEs. Two(More)
the aim of this paper is to model thermal flux versus temperature in an aluminum rod. The objective is to check whether a theoretical model applies to experimental data and then to investigate some more effective fractional models from black box identification. For this particular system, it is shown that fractional models are more suitable than rational(More)