Jocelyn Sabatier

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Lyapunov stability of fractional differential equations is addressed in this paper. The key concept is the frequency distributed fractional integrator model, which is the basis for a global state space model of FDEs. Two approaches are presented: the direct one is intuitive but it leads to a large dimension parametric problem while the indirect one, which(More)
Two methods are proposed in this paper for fractional system H -norm computation. These methods are extensions to fractional systems of well-known methods for integer systems. The first is based on singular value properties of a linear system and is applied on an academic example. In the second, two extensions of the real bounded lemma derived directly from(More)
Frequency methods only are used here for the study and control of continuous linear time periodic systems. Using time varying frequency responses defined by L. A. Zadeh in the 1950s, the second generation CRONE control is extended to the control of linear time periodic systems. This control strategy ensures, for the closed-loop system, a near stationary(More)