Jocelyn S. Thompson

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BACKGROUND Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are being used with increasing frequency to treat severe heart failure. Patients seek out informational resources when considering implantation. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The Do No Harm Project is a novel reflective writing program that encourages medical trainees to reflect on and write up clinical narratives about instances of avoidable medical overuse.(More)
Importance Shared decision making helps patients and clinicians elect therapies aligned with patients' values and preferences. This is particularly important for invasive therapies with considerable(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand mechanical circulatory support (MCS) coordinators' perspectives related to destination therapy left ventricular assist devices (DT LVAD) decision making. BACKGROUND MCS(More)
The influence of expected risks on decision making for destination therapy left ventricular assist device: An MTurk survey Kate H. Magid, Daniel D. Matlock, MD, MPH, Jocelyn S. Thompson, MA, Colleen(More)