Jocelyn S. Read

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The resonant excitation of neutron star (NS) modes by tides is investigated as a source of short gamma-ray burst (SGRB) precursors. We find that the driving of a crust-core interface mode can lead to shattering of the NS crust, liberating ∼10{46}-10{47}  erg of energy seconds before the merger of a NS-NS or NS-black-hole binary. Such properties are(More)
The early part of the gravitational wave signal of binary neutron-star inspirals can potentially yield robust information on the nuclear equation of state. The influence of a star's internal structure on the waveform is characterized by a single parameter: the tidal deformability , which measures the star's quadrupole deformation in response to the(More)
Neutron stars in compact binary systems: from the equation of state to gravitational radiation. 2010-Present Postdoctoral research, with Emanuele Berti. Testing alternative theories of gravity with neutron star observations. Redshift measurements and cosmology with advanced ground based detectors. Resonant neutron star crust shattering as a model of Short(More)
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