Jocelyn S. Davis

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Subunit exchange between groups of myosin filaments at equilibrium in a volume similar to a sarcomere is simulated using Monte Carlo (probabilistic) methods. Five published kinetic parameters (three rate constants and two cooperativity parameters) which govern the assembly of thick filaments from purified myosin at pH 8.0 are used for the computations.(More)
  • Mario J. Crucini, J. Scott Davis, George Alessandria, Aurelijus Dabušinskas, Mick Devereux, Robert Feenstra
  • 2015
The elasticity of substitution between home and foreign goods is one of the most important parameters in international economics. The international macro literature, which is primarily concerned with short-run business cycle fluctuations, assigns a low value to this parameter. The international trade literature, which is more concerned with long-run changes(More)
Measured in this study was the effectiveness of two types of retrofits in mitigating shocks in tennis rackets with ideally high grip fixity. The retrofits were a cushioned grip tape and a string implant device. Three types of rackets were investigated: wood, graphite composite, and metal. For low speed ball impact, neither retrofit changed significantly the(More)
Central banks that lack credibility often tie their exchange rate to that of a more credible partner in order to " import " credibility. We show in a small open economy model that a central bank that displays " limited credibility " can deliver significant improvements to a social welfare function that contains no role for exchange rate stabilization by(More)
Long-term inflation expectations remained remarkably volatile in the United States for years after the well-documented switch to a more stable monetary regime in the early 1980s. This volatility cannot be explained by the standard New Keynesian model. This paper introduces a model where agents are unsure about the central bank's commitment to their(More)
This paper introduces a model where agents are unsure about the central bank's inflation target. They believe that the central bank's inflation target could lie between two extremes, and their beliefs vary depending on the central bank's stock of credibility. They form the expectations used in price and wage setting using this perceived inflation target,(More)
Financial frictions and financial shocks can affect the trade-off between inflation stabilization and output-gap stabilization faced by a central bank. Financial frictions lead to a greater response in output following any deviation of inflation from target and thus lead to an increase in the sacrifice ratio. As a result, optimal monetary policy in the face(More)
Organizations need to change constantly for their survival and success, and project management has been extensively used to implement organizational change. However, studies show only less than 20 percent of organizational change projects actually succeed. This may indicate the lack of a valid model for project managers to successfully implement and manage(More)
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