Jocelyn Probert

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This study examined whether spontaneously strategic children from two age groups differed in the capacity required to execute a strategy. The strategic behavior of younger (grades K and 1) and older (grades 4 and 5) children (N = 104) was assessed on a selective memory task. Children selected objects to view from a larger pool of objects. The most mature(More)
In this paper we examine the sourcing strategies of clothing firms in the developed economies of the UK and Germany in the context of their national institutional framework. We argue that, as a result of their embeddedness in divergent national structures, these firms pursue different sourcing strategies and make different locational choices. We place(More)
The clothing industry is regarded as one the most globalised industries of developed economies, yet most studies focus on the geography of production for US firms and pay scant attention to the geography of trade or to other national cases. This paper broadens the perspective to cover the whole network of German and British clothing firms’ relationships by(More)
This paper assesses the degree of financial and economic globalisation of British and German pharmaceutical companies during 1990 and 2001 and explores the changing balance between globalisation and national embeddedness. It tries to explain both the much lower degree of globalisation of German as compared to British companies in 1990, as well as their(More)
Globalisation and Labour Market Segmentation: the impact of global production networks on employment patterns of German and UK clothing firms Christel Lane and Jocelyn Probert The clothing industry is considered to be highly globalised, and increased global competition has led to the migration of jobs from developed to developing countries. The literature(More)
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