Jocelyn Pang

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Despite problems with research designs, sample sizes, differing areas of focus, and various research instruments, psychiatry can be encouraged by studies pointing to the following: Partial hospitalization can offer a viable alternative to inpatient hospitalization with less stigma and less family burden for patients. Such patients fare as well or better(More)
PURPOSES Determine adequacy of management of pain secondary to bone metastases by physicians referring to specialized outpatient palliative radiotherapy (RT) clinics in Canada; compare geographic differences in adequacy of pain management and pain severity between these cohorts; compare results with published international literature. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE The patient medical home (PMH) model aims to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes in Canada, but since its introduction in 2009, there has been no evaluation of the extent to which primary care conforms with PMH attributes. Our objective was to compare current primary care across Canada with the 10 goals of the PMH model. METHODS A(More)
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