Jocelyn Paine

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BACKGROUND Clinical trials in chronic pain often collect information about interference with work as answers to component questions of commonly used questionnaires but these data are not normally analysed separately. METHODS We performed a meta-analysis of individual patient data from four large trials of pregabalin for fibromyalgia lasting 8-14 weeks. We(More)
Spreadsheets often need changing in ways made tedious and risky by Excel. For example: simultaneously altering many tables' size, orientation, and position; inserting cross-tabulations; moving data between sheets; splitting and merging sheets. A safer, faster restructuring tool is, we claim, Excelsior. The result of a research project into reducing(More)
BACKGROUND Population mean changes are difficult to use in clinical practice. Responder analysis may be better, but needs validating for level of response and treatment duration. A consensus group has defined what constitutes minimal, moderate, and substantial benefit based on pain intensity and Patient Global Impression of Change scores. METHODS We(More)
We have prototyped a "spreadsheet component repository" Web site, from which users can copy "components" into their own Excel or Google spreadsheets. Components are collections of cells containing formulae: in real life, they would do useful calculations that many practitioners find hard to program, and would be rigorously tested and documented. Crucially,(More)
I describe preliminary experiments in documenting Excelsior versions of spreadsheets using semantic wikis and literate programming. The objective is to create well-structured and comprehensive documentation, easy to use by those unfamiliar with the spreadsheets documented. I discuss why so much documentation is hard to use, and briefly explain semantic(More)
" Look before you leap " ; " a stitch in time saves nine " ; " more haste, less speed ". Many proverbs declare the wisdom of planning before doing. We suggest how to apply this to Excel, by explaining and specifying spreadsheets before coding them, so there will always be documentation for auditors and maintenance programmers. The specification method uses(More)