Jocelyn M Bush

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Highly purified lysosomes, prepared by magnetic fractionation of homogenates from Dictyostelium discoideum cells fed colloidal iron, were lysed under hypoosmotic conditions, and the(More)
Rho family proteins have been implicated in regulating various cellular processes, including actin cytoskeleton organization, endocytosis, cell cycle, and gene expression. In this study, we analyzed(More)
AIM To determine if uncomplicated phacoemulsification cataract surgery is associated with an accelerated rate of progression of diabetic retinopathy or maculopathy postoperatively. METHODS A(More)
The mammalian small molecular weight GTPase Rab7 (Ypt7 in yeast) has been implicated in regulating membrane traffic at postinternalization steps along the endosomal pathway. A cDNA encoding a protein(More)