Jocelyn Lieb

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Little is known about the regulation and function of the Notch1 gene in negative control of human tumors. Here we show that Notch1 gene expression and activity are substantially down-modulated in keratinocyte cancer cell lines and tumors, with expression of this gene being under p53 control in these cells. Genetic suppression of Notch signaling in primary(More)
Seborrheic keratoses (SKs) are common, benign epithelial tumors of the skin that do not, or very rarely, progress into malignancy, for reasons that are not understood. We investigated this by gene expression profiling of human SKs and cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) and found that several genes previously connected with keratinocyte tumor(More)
The circuitry underlying the Aplysia siphon-elicited siphon-withdrawal reflex has been widely used to study the cellular substrates of simple forms of learning and memory. Nonetheless, the functional roles of the different neurons and synaptic connections modified with learning have yet to be firmly established. In this study we constructed a realistic(More)
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