Jocelyn H Ng

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Technological advances in miniaturization have found a niche in biology and signal the beginning of a new revolution. Most of the attention and advances have been made with DNA chips yet a lot of progress is being made in the use of other biomolecules and cells. A variety of reviews have covered only different aspects and technologies but leading to the(More)
Identifying the right target for drug development is a critical bottleneck in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The genomics revolution has shifted the problem from a scarcity of targets to a surplus of putative drug targets. As the validity of a target cannot be simply inferred from correlative data, the key is confirmation of the causative role(More)
The development of microchips involving proteins has accelerated within the past few years. Although DNA chip technologies formed the precedent, many different strategies and technologies have been used because proteins are inherently a more complex type of molecule. This review covers the various biomedical applications of protein chips in diagnostics,(More)
This commentary evaluates the newly proposed concept of crypteins - peptides with embedded cryptic activity - as a source of peptide drugs. Although several crypteins are undergoing advanced clinical trials, and one cryptein, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), is already widely used as a therapeutic, crypteins remain an underappreciated class of(More)
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