Jobst Löffler

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This paper presents the EU project SHARE which aims at developing a mobile service architecture to support largescale rescue operations with multimedia communication and information services. The task of planning and controlling large-scale rescue operations requires flexible and robust tools which help the rescue forces to do their search and rescue work(More)
SHARE, a EU-funded 6 Framework Program project, addresses the need of emergency teams for multimodal communication and for decision support with a prototype advanced mobile service based on Push-to-Share technology. The SHARE system provides emergency workers with on-site, on-line details of operational history and current operational status as well as(More)
In this paper, we report recent research activities under the integrated project, Live Staging of Media Events (LIVE), which is funded under European Framework-6 Programme, and illustrate how a new LIVE TV broadcasting and content production concept can be introduced to improve the existing TV broadcasting services. In comparison with existing TV content(More)
This paper describes the MPEG-7 compliant indexing and retrieval system iFinder based on XML and open source database technology. The iFinder system automatically extracts metadata from A/V-content and allows access to the enriched content by means of a client/server-based retrieval engine. This multimedia retrieval system allows for search and retrieval of(More)
This paper describes a realization approach to evaluate the best fitting service provider in the context of "The Digital Beethoven House" pilot project, involving the digitizing of a composer-referred collection of colored manuscripts and other sources at the Beethoven House Association (Germany). Practical hints for museums are provided on how to find the(More)
This articel presents a new approach to interaction with 3D objects of virtual models in the context of digital libraries, which was developed as part of the author`s ongoing PhD research. Collaborative networked environments support users in their work with shared content. One way to provide the visual feedback a user needs to interact with 3D models is to(More)