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In the early 1990's we developed a special computer program called UW DigiScope to provide a mechanism for anyone interested in biomedical digital signal processing to study the field without requiring any other instrument except a personal computer. There are many digital filtering and pattern recognition algorithms used in processing biomedical signals.(More)
Standard Collaborative Filtering (CF) algorithms make use of interactions between users and items in the form of implicit or explicit ratings alone for generating recommendations. Similarity among users or items is calculated purely based on rating overlap in this case, without considering explicit properties of users or items involved, limiting their(More)
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are in a unique position to utilize their vast transactional data assets generated from interactions of subscribers with network elements as well as with other subscribers. CSPs could leverage its data assets for a gamut of applications such as service personalization, predictive offer management, loyalty management,(More)
The crux of the problem in KDD Cup 2016 involves developing data mining techniques to rank research institutions based on publications. Rank importance of research institutions are derived from predictions on the number of full research papers that would potentially get accepted in up-coming top-tier conferences, utilizing public information on the web.(More)