Joaquin Vanschoren

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Many sciences have made significant breakthroughs by adopting online tools that help organize, structure and mine information that is too detailed to be printed in journals. In this paper, we introduce OpenML, a place for machine learning researchers to share and organize data in fine detail, so that they can work more effectively, be more visible, and(More)
Identifying the best machine learning algorithm for a given problem continues to be an active area of research. In this paper we present a new method which exploits both meta-level information acquired in past experiments and active testing, an algorithm selection strategy. Active testing attempts to iteratively identify an algorithm whose performance will(More)
Research and industry increasingly make use of large amounts of data to guide decision-making. To do this, however, data needs to be analyzed in typically nontrivial refinement processes, which require technical expertise about methods and algorithms, experience with how a precise analysis should proceed, and knowledge about an exploding number of analytic(More)
The task of algorithm selection involves choosing an algorithm from a set of algorithms on a per-instance basis in order to exploit the varying performance of algorithms over a set of instances. The algorithm selection problem is attracting increasing attention from researchers and practitioners in AI. Years of fruitful applications in a number of domains(More)
The behavior of many complex physical systems is affected by a variety of phenomena occurring at different temporal scales. Time series data produced by measuring properties of such systems often mirrors this fact by appearing as a composition of signals across different time scales. When the final goal of the analysis is to model the individual phenomena(More)
OpenML is an online platform where scientists can automatically log and share machine learning data sets, code, and experiments, organize them online, and build directly on the work of others. It helps to automate many tedious aspects of research, is readily integrated into several machine learning tools, and offers easy-to-use APIs. It also enables(More)
Machine learning algorithms have been investigated in several scenarios, one of them is the data classification. The predictive performance of the models induced by these algorithms is usually strongly affected by the values used for their hyper-parameters. Different approaches to define these values have been proposed, like the use of default values and(More)