Joaquin Perez

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The spaces of nondegenerate properly embedded minimal surfaces in quotients of R3 by nontrivial translations or by screw motions with nontrivial rotational part, fixed finite topology and planar type ends, are endowed with natural structures of finite dimensional real analytic manifolds. This nondegeneracy is defined in terms of Jacobi functions. Riemann’s(More)
The use of non-invasive long-term monitoring data to estimate home ranges of the critically endangered Iberian lynx has been evaluated. This programme began in 2002 and consisting of both annual latrine and camera-trap surveys, with the aims of detecting and individually identifying the maximum number of individuals and delineating female home range(More)
We prove that the end of a complete embedded minimal surface in R3 with infinite total curvature and finite type has an explicit Weierstrass representation that only depends on a holomorphic function that vanishes at the puncture. Reciprocally, any choice of such an analytic function gives rise to a properly embedded minimal end E provided that it solves(More)
Most studies on felid depredation of livestock have focused on big cats, and little attention has been paid to this type of conflict in smaller species. The medium-sized Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is not thought to be affected by conflict with humans. However, parallel to an increase in the range of the Iberian lynx in Andújar-Cardeña, an increased(More)
Given a discrete group G of isometries of R3, we study the Gisoperimetric problem, which consists of minimizing area (modulo G) among surfaces in R3 which enclose a G-invariant region with a prescribed volume fraction. If G is a line group, we prove that solutions are either families of round spheres or right cylinders. In the doubly periodic case we prove(More)
In this paper, we compare the fog attenuation of free space optical (FSO) communication systems operating at infrared wavelengths of 830 and 1550 nm in the controlled laboratory based fog environment. The fog is generated and controlled homogeneously along the atmospheric chamber of length 5.5 m. The visibility (V) is measured to characterize the fog within(More)
This paper presents the functional specification language fuzzy temporal logic context free (FTL-CFree), a real runtime language designed to enable industry to model and verify complex scenarios. Such specification requirements demand the flexibility to manage manufacturing event correlations, performance constraints, and timing restrictions, such as(More)
In this letter the performance of a free space optical (FSO) communication link in the presence of fog is experimentally investigated in an indoor environment. A dedicated indoor atmospheric chamber, replicating the outdoor environment, is being used to evaluate the FSO link performance under the fog condition. Theoretical analysis supported by the(More)
Free-Space Optical (FSO) communications link performance is highly affected when propagating through the time-spatially variable turbulent environment. In order to improve signal reception, several mitigation techniques have been proposed and analytically investigated. This paper presents experimental results for the route diversity technique evaluations(More)