Joaquin Ceballos Caceres

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—This paper presents the design and characterization of a preamplifier used in the electronic front-end of low-pressure gaseous secondary electron detectors. The circuit – implemented in a printed circuit board as a proof of concept – has been designed to cope with the specifications of the readout electronics used in spatial resolution measurements.(More)
This paper presents the design, implementation and measurements of a complete electronic front-end intended for high-resolution spatial detection of ion beams at counting rates higher than 10 6 particles per second. The readout system is made up of three main multi-channel building blocks, namely: a transimpedance preamplifier, a signal-conditioning line(More)
Many image sensors employ column-parallel ADCs in their readout structures. Single-slope ADCs are ideally suited for these multi-channel applications due to their simplicity, low power and small overall area. The ramp generator, shared by all the converters in the readout architecture, is a key element that has a direct effect in the transfer characteristic(More)
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