Joaquim Varandas

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The main goal of this paper is the description of a computer based system for medical applications to estimate the half-ellipsoid model that fits the left ventricle on its two phases of cardiac cycle: diastole and systole. Techniques for registration and rendering of ultrasound images will be presented using 2D freehand spatial calibrated echocardiography(More)
This article focus on Cybernetic Transport Systems (CTS) due to their effectiveness for solving mobility problems in cities. A new mobility concept is proposed which allows to attain the same flexibility of the private passenger car but with much less nuisances. It is based on small semiautonomous electric vehicles, which may be used to complement mass(More)
The extraction of cardiac borders, particularly, the ones related to the left ventricle (LV), is an important goal to estimate some indices of great clinical value, such as, the thickness of the wall, ejection fraction, and regional wall motion, as the most used to assess the LV function. The accuracy of those indices depends on the correct LV boundary(More)
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