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Keywords play a vital role in extracting the correct information as per user requirements. Keywords are like index terms that contain the most important information about the content of the document. Keyword Extraction is the task of identifying a keyword or keyphrase from a document that can help users easily to understand the documents. Meeting(More)
Document keywords are associated to documents as summarized versions of the documents' content. Considering that the number of documents is quickly growing every day, the availability of these keywords is very important. Although, usually keywords are manually written. This motivated us to work on an approach to change this manual procedure for an automatic(More)
Automatic morphosyntactic tagging of corpora is usually imperfect. Wrong or strange tagging may be automatically repeated following some patterns. It is usually hard to manually detect all these errors, as corpora may contain millions of tags. This paper presents an approach to detect sequences of part-of-speech tags that have an internal cohesive-ness in(More)
Short title: Specific mRNA extraction protocol for bovine oocytes. mRNA extraction protocol for bovine oocytes. Journal of reproduction and fertility.. To understand bovine oocytes meiotic maturation, developmental potential, gene expression is required. The gene expression studies in the preimplantation bovine oocytes has been difficult, because the(More)
Extended Abstract Word sense ambiguity is present in all words with more than one meaning in several natural languages and is a fundamental characteristic of human language. This has consequences in translation as it is necessary to find the right sense and the correct translation for each word. For this reason, the English word fair can mean reasonable or(More)
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