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In this paper we present an English grammar and style checker for non-native English speakers. The main characteristic of this checker is the use of an Internet search engine. As the number of web pages written in English is immense, the system hypothesizes that a piece of text not found on the Web is probably badly written. The system also hypothesizes(More)
By this paper, we present the INTERLINGUA Project 1 : its design and current work. The goal of the project is achieving fully-automatic (no pre-edition, no post-edition) translation of emails in the virtual campus of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The problem of un-supervised machine translation of emails is discussed. Then we describe the strategy(More)
In this article, we present a system that helps tutors to answer questions asked by their students at an online university: the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Communication between UOC students and their tutors is fully online; students ask questions and tutors answer them by e-mail. The system, which is currently being developed at the UOC’s Office of(More)
Today, the crisis has worsened the panorama for Universities, placing new constraints that require being more sustainable economically. In addition, universities will also have to improve their research and teaching in order to obtain more research funds and attract more students. In this panorama, analytics can be a very useful tool since it allows(More)
Machine translationness (MTness) is the linguistic phenomena that make machine translations distinguishable from human translations. This paper intends to present MTness as a research object and suggests an MT evaluation method based on determining whether the translation is machine-like instead of determining its human-likeness as in evaluation current(More)
In this article we introduce the concept of machine translationness and its use for MT evaluations. Machine translationness is the output generated by an MT system which is unlikely to be attributed to a human translator. Machine translationness is closely related to the translation quality. The more instances of machine translationness the worse is the(More)