Joaquim J. Sousa

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" This document is intended for publication in the open literature. It is made available on the understanding that it may not be further circulated and extracts or references may not be published prior to publication of the original when applicable, or without the consent of the Publications Officer, The contents of this preprint and all other JET EFDA(More)
This paper presents a methodology to quantify and to locate leaks. The original contribution is the use of a tool based on the TrustRank algorithm for the selection of nodes for pressure monitoring. The results from these methodologies presented here are: (I) A sensitivity analysis of the number of pressure transducers on the quality of the final solution;(More)
The need for real-time plasma position control on the ISTTOK tokamak led to the development of two similar 240 A:500 kA/s fast power supplies, for the vertical and horizontal magnetic equilibrium fields. This paper presents the design, the digital link, the modeling and operation of the vertical B-field power supply. It consists of a digital hard real-time(More)
This paper presents a new approach to divide large Water Distribution Networks (WDN) into suitable District Metered Areas (DMAs). It uses a hydraulic simulator and two operational models to identify the optimal number of DMAs, their entry points and boundary valves, and the network reinforcement/replacement needs throughout the project plan. The first model(More)
This paper describes the design of a set of hypermedia tools intended to produce courseware to be used for individual or group learning in a cooperative way. The system was developed for the MS-Windows environment, supporting OLE (object linking and editing) technology. With OLE technology, the user does not have to leave an application to create or edit(More)
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