Joaquim Colàs

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The importance of speech prosody for conveying emotional information has been extensively underlined in the literature. Major elements such as pitch, tempo and stress are presented as the main acoustic correlates of emotion in human speech. Nevertheless, as several authors have shown, voice quality is also a relevant feature in emotion recognition. In this(More)
During a period of 42 months, we studied the prevalence of epilepsy in a specific health district, composing by four towns with 98,405 inhabitants older than 10 years. This has been accomplished by a two-phase cross-sectional study. The prevalence rate observed was 4.12/1000 inhabitants for all types of epilepsy. No significant differences were found(More)
We introduce a speech processing system that uses a low-cost PC board to be plugged into an 8 bit ISA bus expansion slot. The board is based on the AT&T's DSP32C signal processor. The advantage of this configuration is that we can execute many different applications by downloading them from the PC, all running on the same hardware. The software applications(More)
  • P Castells, I Cantador, J Colás, F Díez, M Fernández, F J López-Colino +10 others
  • 2007
The continuous growth of contents in text and other media on the Web and intranets demands a parallel progress of information access technologies. This projects aims at a) the development of a novel semantic search model, with ontology-based content ranking algorithms, improving and complementing the achievements in this direction in the Semantic Web field,(More)
Multi-authoring is currently a common practice in the field of contemporary storytelling but producing consistent stories that share a common narrative space when multiple authors are involved is not a trivial task. Inconsistencies, which are not always well-received by readers are sometimes expensive to fix. In this work we attempt to improve the(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute vascular lesions limited to the midbrain can yield varied disturbances of eye movements. They are more often infarcts than hemorrhages. CLINICAL CASE We present the case of a 49 year old, non-hypertensive man who presented with sudden onset of bilateral up and down gaze palsy. CT defined a unilateral hemorrhage in the right(More)