Joaquim Brufau

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Probiotic and prebiotics, often called "immune-enhancing" feed additives, are believed to deal with pathogens, preventing the need of an immune response and reducing tissue damage. In this study, we investigated if a recently developed β-galactomannan (βGM) had a similar protective role compared to Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. Boulardii (Scb), a proven(More)
Prebiotics and probiotics are considered natural alternatives to dietary antibiotics in animal production. Plant extracts and yeast cell walls are mannose-rich products that can be used as substrate for adhesion of Gram-negative bacteria. We assessed whether the structure of these saccharides is relevant to develop their role as prebiotics and therefore,(More)
This paper presents the conception of a Smart Low Power Temperature Sensor which is powered using ambient vibration energy. It is presented the architecture of the conception of the sensor to be implemented. This power system will be the main part of the power stage for a self-powered micro temperature sensor inside a distributed sensor network where(More)
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