Joaquim Blesa

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— Irrigation canals are open-flow water hydraulic systems, whose objective is mainly to convey water from its source down to its final users. They are large distributed systems characterized by non-linearity and dynamic behavior that depends on the operating point. Moreover, in canals with multiple reaches dynamic behavior is highly affected by the coupling(More)
— This paper deals with the problem of set-membership identification and fault detection using a Bayesian framework. The paper presents how the set-membership model estimation problem can be reformulated from a Bayesian viewpoint in order to, firstly, determine the feasible parameter set in the identification stage and, secondly, check the consistency(More)
In this paper, we propose a box particle filtering algorithm for state estimation in nonlinear systems whose model assumes two types of uncertainties: stochastic noise in the measurements and bounded errors affecting the system dynamics .These assumptions respond to situations frequently encountered in practice. The proposed method includes a new way to(More)