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Short-term traffic prediction provides tools for improved road management by allowing the reduction of delays, incidents and other unexpected events. Different real-time approaches provide traffic managers with varying but valuable information. This paper reviews the literature regarding model-driven and data-driven approaches focusing on short-term(More)
In this paper an analytic model has been developed which, although not pursuing to be absolutely exhaustive, contains more than 15 economic magnitudes and more than 30 relationships among them, offering a much more complete panorama of the technology-employment relationships problem. The initial values of the model variables and parameters have been(More)
The strengthening technique based on the use of multi-directional laminates of CFRP simultaneously glued and fixed with anchors (MF-EBR) has been recently purposed. An experimental program composed of pullout tests was carried out in order to study the bond behavior between concrete and MF-EBR system. The diameter and number of anchors, the pre-stress level(More)
Recently, laminates of multi-directional carbon fiber reinforced polymers (MDL-CFRP) have been developed for Civil Engineering applications. A MDL-CFRP laminate has fibers in distinct directions that can be arranged in order to optimize stiffness and/or strength requisites. These laminates can be conceived in order to be fixed to structural elements with(More)
The use of a radiative process such as the Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation (CSPR) is a very promising noninvasive technique for the reconstruction of the time profile of relativistic electron bunches. Currently existing CSPR monitors do not have yet single-shot capability. Here we study the feasibility of using a CSPR based monitor for bunch length(More)
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