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Considering the economic importance of the tomato and its nutritional benefits to human health, a study was made of how two different environmental factors (temperature and overall solar radiation) influence the nutritional quality of cherry tomatoes during the plant full production cycle. Solanum lycopersicum L. cv. Naomi plants were grown in an(More)
The action of doxorubicin, a cancer chemotherapeutic agent, on liposomes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine obtained by extrusion, with or without cholesterol, and on monolayers of the same composition, was determined by photon correlation spectroscopy, penetration kinetics, and adsorption isotherms. Doxorubicin produced a wider vesicle distribution in both(More)
In an attempt to produce sized liposomes with high encapsulation efficiency by a gentle procedure, we compared the encapsulation efficiency in liposomes of three different molecules: carboxyfluorescein (mol.wt 376 Da), protein A (mol. wt 40,000 Da), and a DNA-plasmid pN2 alpha 1AT (9.3 kb). Sized liposomes were obtained by extrusion of multilamellar(More)
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