Joaquín P Morales

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The harmonic balance technique is applied here to the simulation of self-oscillating mixers and it is combined with a bifurcations analysis in order to predict the evolution of their IF output as a function of input power or frequency. A technique has also been developed to obtain the global stability portrait of these circuits, allowing to determine the(More)
We studied the seasonal fluctuation of soil respiration (R(S)), and its root-dependent (R(R)) and basal (R(B)) components, in a Vitis vinifera (Chardonnay) vineyard. The R(S) components were estimated through independent field methods (y-intercept and trenching) and modeled on the basis of a Q(10) response to soil temperature, and fine and coarse root(More)
A unique photomultiplier tube has been designed, fabricated and studied. The quadrant tube has four transmission-mode K2CsSb (bialkali) photocathodes in a single 81mm square glass envelope. A novel electron multiplier structure with four independent anodes supplies secondary emission gains of 105 or more. Detailed measurements indicate that the tube(More)
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