Joaquín Insausti Valdivia

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Chiari disease (or malformation) is in general a congenital condition characterized by an anatomic defect of the base of the skull, in which the cerebellum and brain stem herniate through the foramen magnum into the cervical spinal canal. The onset of Chiari syndrome symptoms usually occurs in the second or third decade (age 25 to 45 years). Symptoms may(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify preventive actions that minimise risk of patients safety in pain treatment units, and to cluster preventive actions into homogeneous groups. The current study is part of a project intended to improve patient safety in pain treatment units, and is aimed at identifying, prioritising and preventing patient safety risk. MATERIAL AND(More)
OBJECTIVES An expert group coordinated by the Andalusian School of Public Health identified the most serious and frequent adverse events in Pain Treatment Units (PTU), as well the failures and underlying causes, as a prior step to preparing preventive actions. The aims of the project were to identify potential adverse events in Pain Treatment Units,(More)
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