Joaquín Fernández-Crehuet Navajas

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Iron is the second most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. Despite being present in trace amounts, it is an essential trace element for the human body, although it can also be toxic due to oxidative stress generation by the Fenton reaction, causing organic biomolecule oxidation. This process is the basis of numerous pathologies, including cardiovascular(More)
When presented with a sequence of visual stimuli in rapid succession, participants often fail to detect a second salient target, a phenomenon referred as the attentional blink (AB; Raymond, Shapiro, & Arnell, 1992; Shapiro, Raymond, & Arnell, 1997). On the basis of a vast corpus of experiments, several cognitive theories suggest that the blink results from(More)
Psychological disorders in people with extreme weight (low weight or obesity) should be taken into consideration by health professionals in order to practice an effective treatment to these patients. This study evaluates the association between body mass index (BMI) and psychological distress in 563 inhabitants of Málaga (South of Spain). Participants were(More)
Neurons have been found in the primate brain that respond to objects in specific locations in hand-centered coordinates. A key theoretical challenge is to explain how such hand-centered neuronal responses may develop through visual experience. In this paper we show how hand-centered visual receptive fields can develop using an artificial neural network(More)
  • Antoni Carbonell Nogueras, Francisco López Crespo, Marcelo Cocho, Celestino Martín, Alonso, Josep Molas +36 others
  • 2002
ATI es miembro de CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) y tiene un acuerdo de colaboración con ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Tiene asimismo acuerdos de vinculación o colaboración con AdaSpain, AI 2 y ASTIC Redacción ATI Asturias-Cantabria <> Redacción ATI Castilla-La Mancha <>(More)
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