Joaquín Benito Díaz

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We report that 100% mice survival after tumor challenge is achieved with cytokine-engineered cells employing nonviral lipoplexes and without using viral vectors. We describe this effect with cytokine-secreting tumor cell vaccines, based on cell clones or fresh transfected cells. Tumor cells were transfected with murine granulocyte–macrophage(More)
Therapeutic vaccination of mice bearing melanoma tumors with our genetically modified tumor cells, via DOTAP/GM-CSF lipoplexes, results in >85% tumor growth inhibition. These fresh transfected cells (irradiated, frozen and thawed) are able to produce high amounts of GM-CSF transgene (>200 ng/10(6) cells/24 h). After vaccination, significant increases(More)
1. Let D be an open connected subset of E (n*z2) and denote by £a(D) the class of second order uniformly elliptic operators of the form L= 23?»/-x a>ijd/dXidxj with coefficients defined in D and satisfying there the condition 2?*/-x ##£*& = # 23?» x ??> f° r some constant a in the range 0<a^l/n, and the normalization £ X i # n = = l . I t is well known [ l(More)
Suppose that the (not identically zero) linear operator A, on a real Hubert space H to itself, is compact, selfadjoint, and positive semidefinite; that y is a vector of H which is perpendicular to the null space of A; and that p is a real number such that 0 < ¡i < 2/\\A\\. Then, the "iteration scheme" xn+i = xn + p,(y — Axn), n = 0, 1, 2, • ■ • , yields a(More)
In Theorem 2 of [ l ] 2 A. F. Monna generalized a result by W. A. J. Luxemburg on fixed points [2], valid for one operator in a generalized complete metric space, to a suitable family of operators; this result was later completed by M. Edelstein [3]. Clearly, when the family reduces to a unique element (i.e. Ti^T for all i), one gets Luxemburg's result. But(More)
The five hundred twelfth meeting of the American Mathematical Society was held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 14-16, 1955, a t the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, which was celebrating its Centennial Year. A Symposium on Mathematical Probability and its Applications (sponsored by the Society and the Office of Ordnance Research) was held on(More)
This study describes a novel bifunctional metallocarboxypeptidase and serine protease inhibitor (SmCI) isolated from the tentacle crown of the annelid Sabellastarte magnifica. SmCI is a 165-residue glycoprotein with a molecular mass of 19.69 kDa (mass spectrometry) and 18 cysteine residues forming nine disulfide bonds. Its cDNA was cloned and sequenced by(More)
<b>Background</b>. It is a fact that students, professors and physicians show difficulties in learning and teaching the way to identify the speech areas and their connections, specially neurosurgeons to locate and assess the indication or contraindication of surgery due to the need of preserving the function. <b>Purpose</b>. The aim of this paper is to(More)
An immobilized biocatalyst (ShIE-Octyl) was obtained by interfacial adsorption on Octyl-Sepharose CL 4B support of all interfacial esterases from the aqueous extract of the sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus. ShIE-Octyl, synthesized by this simple method, contains semipurified interfacial esterases, including the isotoxins StI and StII. The immobilized(More)