Joaquín Alvarado

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A method is presented allowing direct and continuous estimation of the excitability changes of single fiber terminal arborizations within the central nervous system. In essence, the method measures the current required to maintain a preset antidromic firing probability of the unit under study. This implies operation in a closed loop system controlled by a(More)
—Beta-solenoids are a class of protein nanotube structures that are observed in virulence factors, prion proteins and amyloid fibrils. Here we investigate the compressive strength of the triple-beta-helix solenoid structure found in the cell puncture needle of the bacteriophage T4 virus. We characterize the compressive mechanical strength of this protein(More)
In this paper we present the results of the implementation of a nanoscale double-gate (DG) MOSFET compact model, which includes hydrodynamic transport model, in Verilog-A in order to carry out circuit simulation. The model in Verilog-A is used with the SMASH circuit simulator for the analysis of the DC and transient behavior electrical CMOS circuits.(More)
Nanoconfinement controls stiffness, strength and mechanical toughness of β-sheet crystals in silk " , Geometric confinement governs the rupture strength of H-bond assemblies at a critical length scale ". Strength limit of entropic elasticity in beta-sheet protein domains ". Nanostructure and molecular mechanics of dragline spider silk protein assemblies " ,(More)
This work presents an Improved Charge Sheet compact Model (ICSM) especially valuable for distortion analysis, where precise calculation of derivatives of at least third order is required. A new expression for the charge is used in the calculation of the current. Vertical electric field, mobility and DIBL are represented using previously reported for other(More)
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