Joao Vitor Torres

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Future Internet Testbed with Security (FITS) is a testbed for experimenting Next-Generation Internet proposals that provides two virtualization schemes based on Xen and on OpenFlow. Experimenting new protocol proposals for the Future Internet requires a realistic condition environment for packet forwarding. FITS nodes are spread in Brazilian and European(More)
Named Data Network (NDN) routing schemes must learn routes to named data locations, so routers know where to send interest packets. These routing schemes are based on IP routing schemes, therefore they inherit characteristics such as prefix dissemination and routing based prefix longest match. As the amount of named data and non-aggregated prefixes(More)
Named-Data Networking (NDN) is the most prominent proposal for a clean-slate proposal of Future Internet. Nevertheless, NDN routing schemes present scalability concerns due to the required number of stored routes and of control messages. In this work, we present a controller-based routing protocol using a formal method to unambiguously specify, and validate(More)
Many planning problems can be framed as Markov decision processes (MDPs). In this paper we discuss situations where regularities in states and variables lead to compact MDPs, particularly when variables have many categories and strong interrelation. We develop techniques that generate optimal policies by exploiting regularities in MDPs. We illustrate these(More)
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