Joao Pacheco

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  • David Bina, Siassipour Portugal, Rui Doutor, Rocha, Manuel Doutor, Crisóstomo +7 others
  • 2009
Acknowledgements Several people have been instrumental for the construction, development and conclusion of this project. I would like to thank them for their important and gracious support. These people include not only the academics and colleagues, but also friends and family who have assisted me in different ways during this last year. First of all, I(More)
  • Eduardo José, Resende Ortigueira, Luís Doutor, Bica Augusto, Júri Gomes De Oliveira, Presidente +20 others
  • 2011
III Dedicated to my family, friends and girlfriend.. . V Acknowledgements First I would like to address a special appreciation to the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology as a learning and research infrastructure. It provides, to all its students, large experience and knowledge under strong and friendly guidance and(More)
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