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The iris is regarded as one of the most useful traits for biometric recognition and the dissemination of nationwide iris-based recognition systems is imminent. However, currently deployed systems rely on heavy imaging constraints to capture near infrared images with enough quality. Also, all of the publicly available iris image databases contain data(More)
Resumo—Este artigo apresenta um estudo de serviços actuais e emergentes suportados na Internet em torno dos jogos on-line. São abordados os requisitos de desempenho que os jogos mais exigentes impõemàs redes TCP/IP, a qualidade de serviço prestada pelos ISPs e também a qualidade experienciada pelos jogadores em Portugal. A realização deste estudo assenta no(More)
Virtual environments offer an ideal setting to develop intelligent training applications. Yet, their ability to support complex procedures depends on the appropriate integration of knowledge-based techniques and natural interaction. In this article, we describe the implementation of an intelligent rehearsal system for biohazard laboratory procedures, based(More)
Layered and cooperative elements such as femto-cells and relays can improve performance or energy efficiency in mobile networks; however, they consume energy per se and their durations in operational state must therefore be minimised. This paper investigates the use of relays in WiMAX network deployments and concentrates on the cost/revenue performance and(More)
A competitive manufacturing enterprise depends on a high level performance of its processes. In the metal-mechanic industry, such a requirement is pursued through the development of reliable monitoring systems. These systems must assure reliable information about the process itself, and about the machine's parameters. This paper proposes an efficient(More)
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