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Many student interactions in the collaborative learning process can be captured and stored in a database for future analysis. However, the precious information extraction in database is almost impossible without the use of mining techniques. In this paper we present a model of collaborative learning, individual and group, using data and text mining(More)
Informal caregivers contribute decisively to improving the quality of life of people with special needs (the elderly or people with temporary or permanent disabilities) to extend the stay of these people in their home or family environment. However, by giving priority to the dependent person they are facing serious risks jeopardizing their own health. In(More)
A product development system (PDS) is based on two pillars: "do the thing right" and "do the right thing". While the former leads to operational efficiency and waste reduction, the latter guarantees the fulfillment of all stakeholders needs. On this context, Toyota's PDS has a superior performance. The lack of formalization of the Toyota PDS system, though,(More)
The employment of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) has been increasing rapidly in several application domains. It has some powerful properties that make it a great candidate for representation and handling of different kinds of data. In this paper we will explore the use of XML documents for representing and management of data mining (DM) results. For(More)
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