Joao Manoel Gomes da Silva

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The stabilization of linear continuous-time systems with time delay in the state and subject to saturating controls is addressed. Sufficient conditions obtained via a linear matrix inequality (LMI) formulation are stated to guarantee both the local stabilization and the satisfaction of some performance requirements. The method of synthesis consists in(More)
This note addresses the problems of stability analysis and stabilization of systems presenting nested saturations. Depending on the open-loop stability assumption, the global stability analysis and stabilization problems are considered. In the (local) analysis problem, the objective is the determination of estimates of the basin of attraction of the system.(More)
BACKGROUND Prediction of perioperative cardiac complications is important in the medical management of patients undergoing noncardiac surgery. However, these patients frequently die as a consequence of primary or secondary multiple organ failure (MOF), often as a result of sepsis. We investigated the early perioperative risk factors for in-hospital death(More)
This note deals with the problem of local stabilization of linear discrete-time systems subject to control saturation. A linear matrix inequalitie-based framework is proposed in order to compute a saturating state feedback that stabilizes the system with respect to a given set of admissible initial states and, in addition, guarantees some dynamical(More)
INTRODUCTION Intensive care mortality of HIV-positive patients has progressively decreased. However, critically ill HIV-positive patients with sepsis present a worse prognosis. To better understand this condition, we propose a study comparing clinical, etiological and inflammatory data, and the hospital course of HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients with(More)
This paper focus on the study and the characterization of stability regions for linear systems with delayed states and subject to input saturation through anti-windup strategies. In particular, the synthesis of anti-windup gains in order to guarantee the stability of the closed-loop system for a region of admissible initial states as large as possible is(More)
The study and the determination of polyhedral regions of local stability for linear systems subject to control saturation is addressed. The analysis of the nonlinear behavior of the closed-loop saturated system is made by dividing the state space in regions of saturation. Inside each of these regions, the system evolution can be represented by a linear(More)
This work focus on the application of model-based predictive control (MPC) to the trajectory tracking problem of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots (WMR). The main motivation of the use of MPC in this case relies on its ability in considering, in a straightforward way, control and state constraints that naturally arise in practical problems. Furthermore,(More)
The purpose of this paper is to study the determination of stability regions for discrete-time linear systems with saturating controls through anti-windup schemes. Considering that a linear dynamic output feedback has been designed to stabilize the linear discrete-time system (without saturation), a method is proposed for designing an anti-windup gain that(More)