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This study presents a prediction system based on evolving fuzzy models and a bottom-up approach for daily streamflow forecasting. Prediction models are based on adaptive Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference systems. These models make use of a sequential learning approach for updating their own structure and parameters over time according to changes or variations(More)
Bandwidth allocation and management is of paramount importance for telcos mainly in packet transport networks where bandwidth needs an even more tricky control than in the previous circuit-based SDH networks. In these new transport networks, as is the case of MPLS-TP or Carrier Ethernet networks, it is very important to balance the traffic load distribution(More)
With the development of communications and Internet, distributed computing became an everyday reality for everyone rather than just for a limited group of IT specialists and investors. This development allowed the emerging of several new computational concepts, some even at the cost of non-consensus. This paper intends to make a brief approach at some of(More)
This paper presents the impact of the data quality from hydroelectric plants in the analysis of their past operation. A middle term simulation tool has been applied to Brazilian hydroelectric plants which are under the coordination of the Electric System National Operator (ONS). In order to analyze the impact of the data quality this simulator is used to(More)
Chemometrics has achieved major recognition and progress in the analytical chemistry field. In the first part of this tutorial, major achievements and contributions of chemometrics to some of the more important stages of the analytical process, like experimental design, sampling, and data analysis (including data pretreatment and fusion), are summarised.(More)
Curbs on immigration resulting from last month’s Swiss referendum (see Nature 506, 265; 2014) have led to Switzerland’s exclusion from the competition for European Research Council (ERC) grants. This is a devastating blow, given that the country has the highest share of international researchers on ERC grants. Thanks to the Swiss National Science Foundation(More)
Very complex yet highly integrated business logics characterise cruise tourism with shore excursions frequently identified as a key source of value. This paper presents a case study of cruise tourism and shore excursion planning in Copenhagen, Denmark. The aim of this paper is to investigate the characteristics of cruise tourism, itinerary and shore(More)
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