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We use J, H and KS 2MASS photometry to study colour-magnitude (CMDs) and colour-colour diagrams, structure and mass distribution in the ionizing open cluster NGC 6611. Reddening variation throughout the cluster region is taken into account followed by field-star decontamination of the CMDs. Decontamination is also applied to derive the density profile and(More)
Temporal sharing has been suggested in the literature as a promising approach to tackle the inefficiencies that result from the use of Geolocation Database (GL-DB) access technology, by enabling the Secondary Users (SUs) to operate inside radar systems' exclusion zones, whenever the radar antennas are pointing away. While several studies have been made to(More)
Regulatory bodies worldwide are currently considering opening up radar bands to more dynamic spectrum access techniques. There is, however, a lack of experimental testbed models to support experimental investigation of spectrum sharing with radar systems. This paper describes an experimental framework capable of emulating a wide range of radar systems and(More)
Luminosity and mass functions in the old open cluster NGC 188 are analysed by means of J and H 2MASS photometry, which provides uniformity and spatial coverage for a proper background subtraction. With an age of about 6–8 Gyr, NGC 188 is expected to be suffering the effects of advanced dynamical evolution. Indeed, previous works in optical bands have(More)
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