Joao Dias Ferreira

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The emerging production paradigms, potentiated by the advances in Information Technologies (IT), especially in web related standards and technologies as well as the progressive acceptance of the multiagent systems (MAS) concept and related technologies, envision collections of modules whose individual and collective function adapts and evolves ensuring the(More)
Simulation has played an important role along the years to predict systems' behaviour before their deployment. In the case of self-organising mechatronic systems simulation tools can help researchers and practitioners understanding the full potential of the solution as well as its underlying limitations. Self-organising mechatronic systems have passed a(More)
This article describes the first version of a tool designed to infer the network characteristics of JADE-based multiagent systems. The rationale behind the tool is that systems in general and multiagent system in particular, often have some hidden dynamics that contribute to the emergence of desired and undesired characteristics. Traditional sniffing tools(More)
Sustainability is currently one of the biggest challenges and drivers of manufacturing industry. With traditional automation approaches becoming evermore inadequate to support sustainable mass customized production, the research focus is moving towards agile systems that enact companies with the ability to quickly reconfigure their shop-floors by seamlessly(More)
Aileme I Abstract Dynamic and unforeseeable characteristic of the current market and production environment is not feasible to be met through pre-set parameters being dependent on the predictions. Handling this matter requires to keep focus on production system adaptability. Evolvable Production System has achieved fully system reconfigurability through(More)
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