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While many methodologies have been proposed for calculating a quantitative level of autonomy for intelligent Unmanned Systems (UMS), no one definitive measure of autonomy or autonomous performance has been validated and adopted by the UMS community. Particularly for military applications, a simple performance metric that is based on the UMSs mission profile(More)
In all capitalist countries over the past fifteen years, the context in which company activities take place has become very complex. Referring this to the problem of public regulation of the economy, what exactly is the context and how complex is it? What consequences has the complexity of the context of company activity for the domain of the theory of law(More)
Introduction: Neuroimaging studies suggest that obese people might show hyperactivity of brain areas regarding reward processing, and hypoactivity of brain areas concerning cognitive control, when exposed to food cues. Although the effects of bariatric surgery on the central nervous system and eating behavior are well known, few studies have used neuroimage(More)
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