Joannie Roy

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Promoting axon regeneration following injury is one of the ultimate challenges of neuroscience, and understanding the mechanisms that regulate axon growth and guidance is essential to achieve this goal. During development axons are directed over relatively long distances by a precise extracellular distribution of chemical signals in the embryonic nervous(More)
BACKGROUND The performance of the single particle tracking (SPT) nearest-neighbor algorithm is determined by parameters that need to be set according to the characteristics of the time series under study. Inhomogeneous systems, where these characteristics fluctuate spatially, are poorly tracked when parameters are set globally. RESULTS We present a novel(More)
Investigators developed and evaluated a dilution method for the LeadCare II analyzer (LCII) for blood lead levels >65 μg/dL, the analyzer's maximum reporting value. Venous blood samples from lead-poisoned children were initially analyzed in the field using the dilution method. Split samples were analyzed at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(More)
Neutrophil recruitment guided by chemotactic cues is a central event in host defense against infection and tissue injury. While the mechanisms underlying neutrophil chemotaxis have been extensively studied, these are just recently being addressed by using high-content approaches or surface-bound chemotactic gradients (haptotaxis) in vitro. Here, we report a(More)
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