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Goldizen et al. (1988) reported that wild saddle-back tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis, Callitrichidae) show birth seasonality that is correlated with food supply and body weight. They suggested a sequence of ultimate causality in which shortage of food leads to reduced body weight which leads to timing of weaning and lactation when resources are more(More)
1. Energy exchanges and other physiological functions associated with eating and rumination were determined in four experiments. Sheep were given chopped, dried grass (DGC), pelleted, dried grass (DGP) or fresh grass (FGC). 2. In Expt I a preliminary study was made using all three diets. The dry matter (DM) of DGP was eaten significantly faster than that of(More)
Since 1997, wild and cultivated daisies in Britain and other European countries have been suffering from a rust fungus epidemic that menaces the future cultivation of horticultural varieties. The causal fungus was first discovered in Australia 100 years ago and may have evolved there from another rust fungus on daisies previously introduced from Europe. At(More)
The adoption of treatment guidelines for complex psychiatric illness is increasing. Treatment decisions in psychiatry depend on a number of variables, including severity of symptoms, past treatment history, patient preferences, medication tolerability, and clinical response. While patient outcomes may be improved by the use of treatment guidelines, there is(More)
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