Joanne V Volponi

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We describe a method for direct, quantitative, in vivo lipid profiling of oil-producing microalgae using single-cell laser-trapping Raman spectroscopy. This approach is demonstrated in the quantitative determination of the degree of unsaturation and transition temperatures of constituent lipids within microalgae. These properties are important markers for(More)
An all-aqueous sol-gel method for encapsulation of bacterial cells in porous silicate matrices towards the development of a biosensor is described. The sol-gel encapsulation of cells is achieved at room temperature and neutral pH. Furthermore, use of sodium silicate as precursor avoids generation of alcohol that can be detrimental to cells in contrast to(More)
Biosensors for organophosphates in solution may be constructed by monitoring the activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) or organophosphate hydrolase (OPH) immobilized to a variety of microsensor platforms. The area available for enzyme immobilization is small (< 1 mm2) for microsensors. In order to construct microsensors with increased surface area for(More)
The production of biofuels using biomass is an alternative route to support the growing global demand for energy and to also reduce the environmental problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Cellulases are likely to play an important role in the degradation of biomass and the production of sugars for subsequent fermentation to fuel. Here, the crystal(More)
Detailed in this study are the results of fluorometric assays used to assess the impact of gradual nutrient limitation versus punctuated nitrate limitation on the lipid content and morphology of Neochloris oleoabundans cells in batch culture. Punctuated nitrate limitation was imposed during pre-log, log, late-log, stationary, and senescent growth phases,(More)
Christopher Apblett, Kent Schubert, Bruce Kelley, Andrew Walker, Blake Simmons, Ted Borek, Stephen Meserole, Todd Alam, Brian Cherry, Greg Roberts, Jim Novak, Jim Hudgens, Dave Peterson, Jason Podgorski, Susan Brozik, Jeb Flemming, Stan Kravitz, David Ingersoll, Steve Eisenbies, Randy Shul, Sarah Rich, Carrie Schmidt, Mike Beggans, Jeanne Sergeant, Chris(More)
We present an automated analysis system for the detection of the chemical warfare blister agents, sulfur mustard (HD) and lewisite (L), in aqueous samples without any chemical derivatization. The system is compact in size and designed to operate in the field in a safe, autonomous manner for near real-time monitoring applications. It uses anionic(More)
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