Joanne Taggart

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The recent abundance of genome sequence data has brought an urgent need for systematic proteomics to decipher the encoded protein networks that dictate cellular function. To date, generation of large-scale protein-protein interaction maps has relied on the yeast two-hybrid system, which detects binary interactions through activation of reporter gene(More)
A parkinsonian syndrome can be produced in nonhuman primates by administration of the neurotoxin 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP). Parkinsonian-like symptoms induced acutely by MPTP were ameliorated after treatment with GM1 ganglioside, a substance shown to have neurotrophic effects on the damaged dopamine system in rodents. Treatment(More)
Yuen Ho*, Albrecht Gruhler*, Adrian Heilbut*, Gary D. Bader23, Lynda Moore*, Sally-Lin Adams*, Anna Millar*, Paul Taylor*, Keiryn Bennett*, Kelly Boutilier*, Lingyun Yang*, Cheryl Wolting*, Ian Donaldson*, Sùren Schandorff*, Juanita Shewnarane*, Mai Vo*2, Joanne Taggart*2, Marilyn Goudreault*2, Brenda Muskat*, Cris Alfarano*, Danielle Dewar2, Zhen Lin2,(More)
Kindling dramatically increases fearful behavior in rats. Because kindling-induced fear increases in magnitude as rats receive more stimulations, kindling provides a superb opportunity to study the nature and neural mechanisms of fear sensitization. Interestingly, these changes in behavior are accompanied by increased binding to inhibitory receptors and(More)
A 50-year old woman was admitted with a mass in the anterior triangle of the neck. Because of interpretation of a needle biopsy specimen as undifferentiated adenocarcinoma, a radical excision of cervical lymph nodes was performed and the specimen showed metastatic adenocarcinoma suggestive of carcinoid tumor. Four months later the patient developed an(More)
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