Joanne Silverstein

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The poster reports on a project in which we are investigating methods for breaking the human metadata-generation bottleneck that plagues Digital Libraries. The research question is whether metadata elements and values can be automatically generated from the content of educational resources, and correctly assigned to mathematics and science educational(More)
In 1994, the Hospital Library Service Program of the Central New York Library Resources Council conducted a study to evaluate the usefulness, impacts, and potential services of eleven hospital libraries in a four-county area in New York State; determine the degree to which the libraries comply with Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare(More)
This research investigated the informal use of two children’s digital reference services that were used for purposes unintended by the designers. The motivation for this research was to explore the ways that children bend to their own informal uses the formal tools designed to support their education. Research questions included, How and with what frequency(More)
Knowledge is created through conversation. The theoretical foundation of this model, Conversation Theory, posits that individuals, organizations, and even societies build knowledge through conversation; specifically, by interacting and building commonly held agreements. Since libraries are in the knowledge business, they are also in the conversation(More)
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