Joanne S Katz

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OBJECTIVE To assess the clinical usefulness of measurement of corpus callosum (CC) size in head ultrasound (HUS) to predict short-term neurodevelopmental (ND) outcomes in preterm infants. We hypothesised that including CC measurements in routine HUS will be an additional tool for early identification of infants at risk of adverse short-term ND outcome, over(More)
We aimed 1) to define risk factors for adverse outcome in urban African American patients, 2) to determine whether clinical variables as risk factors are congruent with previously published data, and 3) to identify the proportion of infants with different outcomes. The study included African American infants who were born and participated in(More)
Literature suggests that increased interaction between physical therapy and occupational therapy students may improve their understanding of each other's profession. This cross-sectional study examined positive and negative stereotypes in an educational setting in which physical and occupational therapy students take over 25% of their curricular courses(More)
In traditional Chinese medicine, ST36 and ST37 acupuncture points are commonly recommended to enhance peripheral blood circulation and digestive functions; however, there is a paucity of empirical data in support of the above recommendations. This study was designed to evaluate the effects of transcutaneous electrical stimulation of ST36 and ST37(More)
Objective: To analyze starting time (early versus late) and duration of caffeine treatment and its possible influence on neurodevelopmental (ND) outcome in very preterm infants. Hypothesis: Early initiation of caffeine treatment with longer duration of treatment may significantly improve ND outcome in very preterm infants. Design: Retrospective cohort(More)
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