Joanne Perez

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A leptospirosis epidemic affected New Caledonia during the first semester of 2008. A total of 135 cases were diagnosed with a relatively low fatality rate of 3.7%. Heavy rainfalls, related to La Niña, favoured this epidemic. The PCR, routinely used, confirmed 54% of the cases, and the microagglutination test 56%. Epidemiological and economical data on this(More)
Heralded as the oldest known cardiovascular drug, digoxin remains widely used today in the face of increasing rates in heart failure and atrial fibrillation despite the emergence of newer medications. Its hemodynamic, neurohormonal and electrophysiologic actions make it a suitable adjunctive, evidence-based therapy for the above conditions. Its narrow(More)
Leptospirosis is a zoonosis of worldwide distribution with major incidence in the tropics. In New Caledonia, it has been studied for years and is regarded as a major public health concern. It is characterized by an endemic pattern with seasonal epidemics arising during rainy periods, notably during “la Niña” periods. Both the endemic and epidemics have a(More)
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