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To investigate several neurobiological theories we evaluated the neuropsychological functioning of 15 non-mentally retarded autistic adolescents and young adults and 15 controls matched on age, gender, IQ, and race. The autistic subjects were found to perform less well than controls on measures of abstraction involving cognitive flexibility, verbal(More)
Recent reports link the fragile X chromosome abnormality to autism, with the association ranging from 0 to 53%, but the diagnostic criteria for autism were unclear in some of the studies. The need for fragile X chromosome studies in larger populations of autistic children and adults was recognized. In this study, chromosome analyses were performed on 85(More)
The clinical spectrum of autism spans a broad range of functions, but the core symptoms remain the same regardless of the intelligence of the child: the autistic type of social deficit that ranges from a lack of inclination to relate to extreme difficulty with the mechanics of social interactions, a global communication deficit that involves both verbal and(More)
"Honor"-based violence (HBV) is increasingly recognized as form of violence against women and girls, but is neither fully conceptualized nor integrated into risk management strategies that are increasingly used to address gender-based violence in Europe and Anglophone states. This article will argue that there are grounds for the differentiation of HBV as a(More)
The use of CNS stimulant medication for the treatment of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADDH) in subnormal intelligence children remains controversial, and the majority of the literature does not support the use of CNS stimulants in these children, although the choice of dependent variables and research designs may have contributed to this(More)
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