Joanne P Sharp

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The use of sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in association with electrophoretic transfer of proteins to nitrocellulose and subsequent probing with antisera appears useful as a method for fingerprinting Clostridium difficile. Thorough testing of the stability of the antigenic nature of isolates of the organism during subculture and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare actual and perceived causes of fever in northern Tanzania. METHODS In a standardised survey, heads of households in 30 wards in Moshi, Tanzania, were asked to identify the most common cause of fever for children and for adults. Responses were compared to data from a local hospital-based fever aetiology study that used standard(More)
BACKGROUND Zoonoses are common causes of human and livestock illness in Tanzania. Previous studies have shown that brucellosis, leptospirosis, and Q fever account for a large proportion of human febrile illness in northern Tanzania, yet they are infrequently diagnosed. We conducted this study to assess awareness and knowledge regarding selected zoonoses(More)
The transformation on heating LiCoMnO4, with a spinel structure, to LiCoMnO3, with a cation-disordered rock salt structure, accompanied by loss of 25% of the oxygen, has been followed using a combination of diffraction, microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. The transformation does not proceed by a topotactic mechanism, even though the spinel and rock salt(More)
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