Joanne Mexson

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Verrucosispora isolate AB-18-032T, the abyssomicin- and proximicin-producing actinomycete, has chemotaxonomic and morphological properties consistent with its classification in the genus Verrucosispora. The organism formed a distinct phyletic line in the Verrucosispora 16S rRNA gene tree sharing similarities of 99.7%, 98.7% and 98.9% with Verrucosispora(More)
A large number of mycolate actinomycetes have been recovered from deep-sea sediments in the NW Pacific Ocean using selective isolation methods. The isolates were putatively assigned to the genus Rhodococcus on the basis of colony characteristics and mycolic acid profiles. The diversity among these isolates and their relationship to type strains of(More)
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