Joanne McGrath Cohoon

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Departmental attrition data from one state show that the difference between male and female rates of undergraduate attrition from computer science varies by institution. This analysis suggests that departmental factors are important in attrition from CS. Some CS departments inhibit female persistence at the undergraduate level while other departments(More)
The research reported here confirms and deepens our understanding of factors that affect women's confidence in their ability to complete a computer science or computer engineering (CSE) doctoral degree. Analysis of data from a longitudinal study of women participating in the Computing Research Association's Graduate Cohort for Women identifies the(More)
Volunteer Computing (VC) uses the computational resources of volunteers with Internet-connected personal computers to address fundamental problems in science. Docking@Home (D@H) is a VC project targeting drug discovery through highthroughput docking simulations i.e., by docking small molecules (ligands) into target proteins associated to diseases. Currently(More)
Post-secondary computer science education and computing occupations are largely composed of men. Data from the National Science Foundation shows that in 2001, the gender composition of computer science was 18 % female at the Ph.D. level, 34% at the Masters level, 28% at the Bachelor level, and 41% at the Associate level. This imbalance affects individuals,(More)
Women's under-representation in academic computer science is described for the U.S. and internationally. Conditions that contribute to this situation are indentified, and motivations for increasing women's participation in computer science are discussed. According to recent research in the U.S., effective interventions at the undergraduate level include:(More)